Salary Supplements for Awards/Fellowships

The College supports faculty who receive distinguished awards, and is committed to helping them take full advantage of research opportunities. Salary supplements will be provided to make up the difference between the fellowship award and the faculty member’s salary. The following policies have been developed to benefit those who receive competitively awarded, nationally and internationally recognized fellowships/awards:

  • Salary supplements will be made following awards of at least $25,000. Awards of smaller amounts will be supplemented for less than a full year, depending on the amount of the award.
  • Faculty members must have accrued sabbatical leave credits before requesting salary supplements for fellowships/awards. The College will require nine (9) credits to be forfeited in exchange for an annual supplement. For untenured ladder faculty, the College will require six (6) sabbatical credits to be forfeited.
  • The recipient of a College supplement should plan to return to their UCSB home department for an amount of time equal to the leave before requesting any additional leaves (sabbatical, etc.). 
  • Only in exceptional cases will the College support a second consecutive year of leave. 
  • College-supported awards should be used for research only. Salary supplements are not awarded for teaching fellowships/awards.
  • Replacement funding is not normally provided for sabbatical leaves, including those leaves covered by this salary supplement program.




Updated 11/2/2018