The Arthur N. Rupe Debate Series

“Let us bring the greatest minds of our time together at UCSB,” explains Arthur N. Rupe, “and provide a forum to discuss and debate the nation’s and world’s vital questions. Let us seek out from around the globe eminent scholars in diverse fields, and challenge them and each other. Let us address relevant issues, grapple with the facts, and create inspiring dialogue."

Since 2001, the Arthur N. Rupe Great Debate Series, established by the Arthur N. Rupe Foundation, has explored contemporary societal issues of national and international significance via presentations by eminent figures who hold divergent viewpoints. The Rupe Great Debate Series is presented by the College of Letters and Science and the Interdisciplinary Humanities Center.

Call For Topics - Arthur N. Rupe Debate 2018-19

Deadline: August 31, 2018 

The Arthur N. Rupe Great Debate Series explores contemporary societal issues of national or international significance through the examination of divergent viewpoints presented by leading figures and argued in a scholarly format. The debate is structured as a rigorous dialogue in which the moderator establishes a framework for the topic, poses questions to the two panelists, and facilitates focused exchange among them.  The debate also includes a question and answer period with audience members.
A list of previous Rupe Great Debate topics and panelists is available here.
Suggestions are being solicited for which vital question might be taken up at the Spring 2019 Rupe Debate and which debaters could best represent divergent opinions.  The L&S Council of Deans and the IHC will choose from among the suggestions, bearing in mind that attracting the right debaters is key in determining the debate topic.
Please email your suggestions for possible debate topics and speakers to IHC Director Susan Derwin at by August 31, 2018.