L&S Conference Support Program

Academic Senate faculty members are invited to submit applications for support for academic conferences held in Santa Barbara. College requests for conference support are considered three times a year (details below). Retroactive requests will no longer be funded. Deadlines for submitting requests are as follows:
  • NOVEMBER 1 for conferences scheduled on March 1 of the following year or later.
  • FEBRUARY 1 for conferences scheduled on June 1 of the same year or later.
  • MAY 1 for conferences scheduled on September 1 of the same year or later.
The College of Letters & Science and the Divisional Deans have a limited amount of funding available, so organizers should begin by requesting support from their department or program. All requests to the college will be reviewed by the deans, and decisions will be conveyed as soon as possible after the application deadline.
If support is awarded, a final report on income and expenditures is required following the conference. Conference deficits will not be covered, and unspent college funds must be returned. Due to limited funds, most awards are in the $2,000 range, and funding is generally not provided to organizers who have received conference funding in the past fiscal year.
To request funding, please use this form. When you click the link, you will be prompted to log in to your UCSB Connect account. (Reminder: to log into your Connect account, use your UCSBnetID.)
We look forward to reviewing your request.
Examples of recent conferences the college has helped sponsor include:

    Future Tripping UCSB