What Your Gift Can Do

There are many opportunities to provide meaningful support for undergraduate and graduate students, teaching, research, and programs throughout the College's four divisions.
Contributions to the Division of Humanities and Fine Arts benefit research centers, collaborative projects, and interdepartmental programs that bring together students and faculty across the university. Some of the Division's current funding initiatives include (1) endowed professorships to recruit and maintain faculty excellence (2) graduate student fellowships (3) international exchange initiation (4) recruitment of visiting professors and artists (5) support for teaching and scholarship in the digital humanities, digital arts, and new media (6) lab and facilities renovation (7) and support for the Art, Design & Architecture Museum. 
Contributions to the Division of Mathematical, Life, and Physical Sciences enable continued research excellence conducted by Nobel Prize winning faculty and other world-renowned scientists and researchers. In preparing students for leadership and the pursuit of new knowledge and solutions that positively impact society, some of the Division's current funding initiatives include 
  • fellowships for graduate students to attract the most competitive domestic and international students 
  • mentor scholarships that pair undergraduates with graduate students for summer research internships
  • retention and recruitment of faculty to strengthen highly recognized departments and programs
  • collaborative work with the College of Engineering to improve human health
  • the Fund for Advancing the Sciences, permitting the Dean to provide critical unrestricted funds more quickly to  faculty and students within the Division
  • support for the Environmental Studies Program to ensure UCSB’s continued national leadership
  • new buildings or renovations.
Contributions to the Division of Social Sciences support social, cultural, global, and economic programs of study led by Nobel Laureate and other faculty that are consistently ranked as leaders in their fields, and other pioneering initiatives, as with developing the first undergraduate major in Asian American Studies and the first doctoral program in Chicano/a Studies. The Division's current funding initiatives include: (1) support collaborative research opportunities; (2) provide fellowships for graduate students and their research; (3) offer public policy fellowships for undergraduates to participate in the UCDC and UC Sacramento programs; (4) establish student fellowships for study abroad; and (5) continue faculty research.
Contributions to the Division of Undergraduate Education continue the provision of academic support and advising for the College’s more than 18,000 undergraduates, or more than 90% of the entire undergraduate population of UC Santa Barbara. To ensure students' academic success and preparation for advanced education, industry or other professions upon graduation, the Division's current funding initiatives include: (1) improvement of the Honors Program, including include an endowment for the annual appointment of a Distinguished Honors Professor, specialist areas, and an Honors Study Center; (2) merit-based scholarships; (3) increased support for undergraduate research; (4) and virtual advising services.